Fundacion DOMINO – Social Ecological Activism

Fundacion DOMINO & Eco Foresta Kiskeya

The Friends of Eco Foresta

Hola and your Welcome to join The Friends of Eco Foresta “Alliance for Water & Children”. Here you can find out what we do, where we do it, how we do it and why we do it  We are a consortium composed of Artists, Journalists, Musicians, and Technicians dedicated to promote Social Ecological Activism through the Eco Foresta. Community Exchange program. We engage communities Group activities in events of Community Union.

A Social Ecological  Alliance for Water & Children

Our Social Ecological Alliance for Water & Children, is a united Independent movement for an ethically, ecologically Eco-reforested for the abundance of Flora and Fauna for the  planet. We recognize that in this life there is nothing more sacred than water and children. To this end we intend to establish a network of rural and urban community centers incorporating the natural principles of the cycles of Earth, Water, Air and Sun to secure the well being of children and water. These centers will be engaged in hands-on, practical education in the most basic principles of Techno Agroforestry, as well as nutrition, composting and collection, healthy soil production, fruit tree germination, vertical farming techniques, natural water filtration, and watershed stewardship, to name just a few.

We invite the participation of everyone, individuals, government entities, private business, corporate sponsorship, faith based groups, and civic organizations, anyone who feels inspired to respond to the call to social ecological activism partnerships; to take action and raise awareness that the most sacred and precious things in life are water and children.

Therefore we unite our efforts, resources, and knowledge to restore and preserve the natural resources of all our watersheds, regardless of borders; establishing a plan of three operational phases of training, germination and planting a bio-dynamic forest for the sole purpose of creating bio-diverse abundance and sustainable rural development.